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KERClink  v.

KERclink is a Free download that utilizes a mini browser to load Free Family Friendly Games for Fun, Cash and Prizes. There is never a charge to play any of our games. Our software contains no adware, spyware, or pop ups.

Score A Million I  v.1.05

is the original award-winning SCORE A MILLION game from the Shareware 2000 Industry awards.


Freddys Forest  v.1.0

Freddy's Forest is a real brain twister.

Score A Million II  v.1.0

is the sequel to Soleau Software's award-winning original Score A Million trivia game.

Crate Man  v.2.0

Crate Man is a logic strategy puzzle solving game.

Frog Hop  v.1.1a

Frog Hop is a game where you jump a frog from one lilly pad to another.

Duffer Dave Puzzles  v.1.0

Duffer Dave is a pure strategy problem solving game.

Hard Hat Harry  v.1.0.1

Hard Hat Harry is an animated puzzle solving challenge.

Family Fun Finder  v.

A must have for families looking for something fun to do during weekends, holidays or if you just have a few hours to kill. Shows the family friendly activities, restaurants and movies currently playing in theaters near you or a zip code you

Leemo  v.1.07

Twist rows and columns to make matches, create combos, and score huge points in this family-friendly puzzle game!

Sammy Suricate  v.1 2

Sammy Suricate is an enjoyable game for the whole family in which the main character is a funny suricate named Sammy who explores the fantastic environments fighting his main enemies: lions.

30 Happy Easter Riddles Screensaver  v.5.0

Display beautiful Easter images with family-friendly riddles+poems.

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